"Album nine is now a make or break moment in Britney’s career. If she comes back with something that recaptures the public’s imagination, people will quickly forget about her misfire with Britney Jean. But if she puts out another average album, and isn’t even willing to promote it, she could find it very tough indeed to recover.

There’s a danger with her Las Vegas residency that Britney will simply become a nostalgia act, who can sell tickets on the strength of her back catalogue, but has no place in today’s charts. At the age of just 32, that would be a great shame.

Here are just a few ideas about what Britney could do next, and my verdict on whether they’re strong enough to fire her back to the top of the charts.”

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"Back in ‘04 I told Britney Spears that I was gay. We were in Vegas and she was upset because of her first marriage and all that circus, so I looked at her and said "Well at least you don’t have to come out and say you are gay". She looked at me and after 5 seconds she said OH My God I knew it. That’s it, she get’s me I get her and that is why we are great friends, she can always count on me and I know I can always count on her, that is my friend; something not easy to find in this industry".

                                                                  -Lance Bass on E! news.